A list of things I would be interested in wulffo@tiscali.co.uk

1. Anything Fokker Dvii pictures, parts, plans, etc
2. Hisso parts (need to be metric ie French but could be interested in others as well (less) for trade)
   a/ left cylinder bank
   b/ left camshaft
   c/ right camshaft
   d/ left camshaft drive
   e/ right camshaft drive
   f/ spark plugs
   g/ carburetors
   f/oil pump
   h/ any other parts
3. British/French instruments
   a/ oil pressure gauges
   b/ water temperature gauges
   c/ airspeed indicators
   d/ altimeters
   e/ instrument panel clocks (Mark V/ Mark IV)
   f/ fuel gauges
   g/ panel signs/data tags
4. German instruments
   a/ round counter
   b/ anemometer 0-250
   c/ altimeter 0-5000m small
5. German parts
   a/ wheels 32/16 spokes asymmetrical
   b/ lmg 08/15 parts - lmg 08/15's deactivated
   c/ hand airpumps
   e/ all data tags
   f/ all instrument panel tags
6. Sanke cards
   a/ both Nerger cards
   b/ Mulzer (will specify which ones
   c/ Berlin aus der Luft
7. Any photoalbums, estates, photos are of interest

Principally, if you want to sell or trade wwi parts pls send me an email

Things to go (trade):
1 Focke Wulff parts
original main panel (aluminum no paint remains)
complete instrumentation for the above
original subsidary panel 
4 scoreboards of the NJG1 with 100 kills each that were aparently hung in the HQ casino
a variety of German wwii instruments

also would consider to trade wwi parts if you have something to tempt me with....